Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back after a "never ending" break from blogland! :)

Hieee everyone :) My "break" from blogland just doesn't seem to end! :P
First I was tied up with card orders...then study off and then my exams and now college + a few more exams....'coz I'm in my final semester graduation..getting all geared up to study further..so applying for various universities across India..preparing for the entrance exams n stuff! This was about the reason for my absence! :P

I sure have so many cards to show u all... n I KNOW you all must have got bored with this "frequently" used dialogue of mine... lol... but today..cutting short on the description part I'll try putting as many cards as possible in this post as I'm not quite sure as to when next I will visit my lovely blogland :)

This card is what I made after visiting mallika's blog! what an amazing blog she owns..really loved her style :) Thanks mallika for your inspiration...

Tried something new with my butterfly punch:) punched out two butterflies and lined it with a piece of brown ribbon and pink card on the inside :) A tiny effort to give it a "vintage" effect by highlighting the buuterfly borders with my tim holts vintage photo stamp pad!

 A quick Thank you card I had made for my aunt who got me lottttttts of craft supplies from US :)

Will post more soon :)
lots of love:) take care:)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Fun with Clear Stamps!

hello blog pals! :)
How have u all been??? signing into blogland after exactly a MONTH!! the reason being a very happy one.. :) Pink Crayons *handmade cards* has become really really popular in college I must say.. I've been getting so many card orders that I have hardly got any time to even plan the study schedule for my semester exams (which are starting very soon....just 10 days away...*SAD puppy face*)
So ya... PC (pinkcrayons) will remain shut untill I get done with my exams and that means NO card orders *relief* and dat again means I'll start blogging "regularly" :P I sooooo badly want to upload all the cards I've made during the whole month...

Today I want to share with u all..one of my mossssssst dear card projects.. Like so many of you crafters I too have started enjoying working with clear stamps!! :D yayy!! :) check this out...

A birthday card for a very close friend of mine.. She was my classmate in 11th and 12th grade and since then we have been the best of friends! :) She is someone who loves simple yet attractive things....this is why i have gone in for a card with lots of bling but simple embellishments! :) 
I have used a "lacey circle" for the first time ever... I ordered for it from the kalalayaa craft store...
(I have blurred my friend's picture placed on the lacy circe 'coz I suppose she wouldn't like it as she is a soooper photo conscious girl)

I have used BIRTHDAY FUN Clear stamp set by Inkadinkado that I recently ordered from Kalalayaa Craft Store :) I tried out something NEW... I have individually stamped and cut out all images I wanted to use for the card..The images have been hightlighted with a black marker followed by some heat embossing.. Just to give it a finished look i have added a little glitter sparkle using light coloured glitter tubes from fevicryl.
(It took me quite some time to stamp...cut out...hightlight..heat emboss and decorate these images...but worth the time I put in 'coz I totally lovee the outcome) and the best-est part is that my friend loved it toooo :D

I have heat embossed the border design which again came along with the stamp set..
I have used dark red embosssing powder from `a la mode embossing powder set...the stars again have been filled in with a light green glitter tube :)

It has been quite a while now since I have wanted to tie a "perfect bow" on a card...I FINALLY DID IT.. followed a tutorial on YOUTUBE and got it right...perfectly right *with a self-pat on my back* lol..
Sweets and Treats - My Partner In Crafting Crime
Try a New Technique - Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenges (stamping,lacey circle,perfect bow)

Thats it from me for now...
Hope u all liked the card.. and thanks a million for dropping by my blog and showing so much love...
Will post the other projects soon... :)
P.S: wish me luck for my exams.. :( I really need some luck to perform well for the way I'am under-prepared this time!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FROCK-O-MANIA beginnnnns!!

HELLO everybody! :) I'm back with another post this week! :)
Its a pretty paper frock that I made and used as an embellishment for my card! :)
(going the keep-it-simple way :P)
A friend in college loved this concept...and ordered for many such cards...thats y the title "FROCK-O-MANIA" lol! yesh...u will find lots of frock-cards this week! :P (just like how I had butterflies pouring down on my cards a week back *wink*)
So here it is.... (just one in dis post...will update yo'l wid more as and when I complete)

just another SHOT!!
(A piece of different coloured card stock attached with a bow..to make it look pretty from the inside aswell :D )
Sentiment- handwritten and heat embossed!! [its an attempt to copy my favourite word font 'curls' and I'am pretty much happy with it :D]

I have used a floral b&w PP...heat embossed a few flowers here and there using all my favourite heat embossing powders that I bought from crafting queen.
Just to add to the look...I have stuck a few gems and stones:) 
Lots of more frocks...COMINNNN UPPPP! :)
Thanks for visiting lovlies! :)
This card is going in for ALL DRESSED UP- city crafter challenge blog