Wednesday, June 1, 2011

the VINTAGE effect!!

This picture is supposed to b rotated left! :( wonder why i couldn't do it! tried editing it using various softwares..din work!

Its me pooja :) sharada and me made dis one together... :) took us jus 5 mins... have used itsy bitsy flowers...tried a little heat embossing on it (went a flop)
Have used a piece from a very very very old story book dat my dad gave me... it was HIS BED TIME STORY u can guess hw old it must be :P (i just posted a b'day card I made for him as he turned 54 :P)
The natural brownish colour of the paper made me choose it as a backgroud paper :D as u can notice from the pic... it is a part of some random story:P all in all created a whacky thing! :P

thanks for visiting! :)


  1. omg so many cards in a row
    you girls rock

  2. thank you :) semester holidays going on..!!
    nothing better than spending time making cards! :)

  3. wow!! u on a spree! this is so pretty! loved the vintage look!

  4. just chanced upon your blog !!lovely cards !!