Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paper Fan :)

Its just a tiny paper folding fan that most of the kids end up doing with chocolate wrappers :)
Easy to make n very attractive :)


Its a tiny butterfly themed card that you all can make for new year:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Buttoned :)

This is another card with the 'window' concept :P
The uniqueness of this card is the patterned paper we have used to make it slightly flashy! Again picked it up from a local store (in b'lore)
Finally we have used buttons to give it a 'cute' look :) You can use other things in place of these buttons to :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Overlapping Flowers!!

This overlapping concept gives a 3D effect to your cards...This card can be used for nearly 'any' occassion because its simple,tiny and flower themed! :) 

STAMP IT (design-1)

Got bored of using embellishments?? Try this card out.. 
We have just used 2 different stamps and a little bit of glitter colours:) its real fun to make 'em :)
You can use this idea to make cards for any occassion! We have used "rock&roll" as a new year theme :)

STAMP IT (design-2)

ReD RiBbOn!

ButtOns LoOk LiKe GEM$

KeEp it LEAFY :)

Stitching on Cards!

We have used anchor threads to stich the orange thread across the blue card piece and d same has been done to the green card piece with red thread:)
One must be carefull enough not to tear the card piece while stitching..I advice you all not to stich too much towards the corner of the card piece:)


I (pooja) made this card a few days back to kill boredom..LOL!
Tiny bits of paper suitable for quilling have been circled up to create a quilled effect though this is'nt exactly called quilling :P

The base card has been cut in the centre to create a 'window' effect and the paper which bears the design comes from beneath the window design :) Again,apt for any occassion:) 

A touch of Elegance!

Different from the other cards we have made so far is this card wich hold a bit of quilling work!!
We have also used kundans to give it a touch of the traditional look,suits festive occassions:)

Our First!!

These two cards were the first ones to be created :)) We had tried to create a diffrent texture for the background,it ended up into a MESS...a totall mess :P
It was only then that we came up with the idea of using a crape paper to highlight the flower:)

Justified Usage :P

Firstly sorry about the clarity of the picture : (
We cut out a flower from some local gift wrapping cover and used in the centre as an embellishment! You can tryout the same with so many more designs which you can find on book covers,wrapping sheets etc!

Patch card!

Try this card using different shapes n variety of the left overs of another card :P
We have used the green patch from another card which is also on dis blog,chack it out!! :) 
A quick card with paper flowers from our very own Itsy Bitsy! :P

18th birthday!

This is a card that I (Pooja) made for my best friend on his 18th birthday!
This is the first card in which I used a cute little cupcake cut out  for a birthday theme!
this cupcake is hand drawn! :)

Happy birthday papa! :)

This again is a card that we made when we were total amateur card makers. This was for Pooja's dad's 53rd Birthday! :) we cut out 53, decked it up with kundans and sequin. It was a tedious job though.    

Twine card!

This has been the toughest card so far, it took us almost 3 days to get done with it..
While browsing for card ideas we happened to find a card similar to this created by another blogger [Our sincere apologies to the original creator of this card for having tried to recreate her work] 
Guys twine acts as a great base for any kind of quilling work.
We actually sold this one like hot cakes!!! LOL ;)

EXPERIMENT - gunny bag fabric!

This was our first new year card.  :)
We found this gunny bag fabric from an old sofa which was under repair, we thought we'd create something new and different with this. The intension of using  colors like the brown card with green ribbons, the gunny bag fabric, bright flowers was to bring in an earthy effect! Hope you like it, please do comment! :)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

cup cake!

Gift Box theme!!


Sharada made this card using some waste newspaper and flashy ribbon!
Basically the newspaper is supposd to look slightly crimpled and it has been dipped in coffee decoction,and a little green color paint! Its very simple and easy to make! :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fabulous 50!

This card is made for 5oth birthday, with some nice subtle (partial) quilling work at the corners.We got an order for this card from Pooja's dad :)
Cutting out digits and placing them seperately makes your card look grand and nice! It works wonders when you have less time in hand :P (We had only around 2 hours to come up with this card)