Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Back after a "never ending" break from blogland! :)

Hieee everyone :) My "break" from blogland just doesn't seem to end! :P
First I was tied up with card orders...then study off and then my exams and now college + a few more exams....'coz I'm in my final semester graduation..getting all geared up to study further..so applying for various universities across India..preparing for the entrance exams n stuff! This was about the reason for my absence! :P

I sure have so many cards to show u all... n I KNOW you all must have got bored with this "frequently" used dialogue of mine... lol... but today..cutting short on the description part I'll try putting as many cards as possible in this post as I'm not quite sure as to when next I will visit my lovely blogland :)

This card is what I made after visiting mallika's blog! what an amazing blog she owns..really loved her style :) Thanks mallika for your inspiration...

Tried something new with my butterfly punch:) punched out two butterflies and lined it with a piece of brown ribbon and pink card on the inside :) A tiny effort to give it a "vintage" effect by highlighting the buuterfly borders with my tim holts vintage photo stamp pad!

 A quick Thank you card I had made for my aunt who got me lottttttts of craft supplies from US :)

Will post more soon :)
lots of love:) take care:)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birthday Fun with Clear Stamps!

hello blog pals! :)
How have u all been??? signing into blogland after exactly a MONTH!! the reason being a very happy one.. :) Pink Crayons *handmade cards* has become really really popular in college I must say.. I've been getting so many card orders that I have hardly got any time to even plan the study schedule for my semester exams (which are starting very soon....just 10 days away...*SAD puppy face*)
So ya... PC (pinkcrayons) will remain shut untill I get done with my exams and that means NO card orders *relief* and dat again means I'll start blogging "regularly" :P I sooooo badly want to upload all the cards I've made during the whole month...

Today I want to share with u all..one of my mossssssst dear card projects.. Like so many of you crafters I too have started enjoying working with clear stamps!! :D yayy!! :) check this out...

A birthday card for a very close friend of mine.. She was my classmate in 11th and 12th grade and since then we have been the best of friends! :) She is someone who loves simple yet attractive things....this is why i have gone in for a card with lots of bling but simple embellishments! :) 
I have used a "lacey circle" for the first time ever... I ordered for it from the kalalayaa craft store...
(I have blurred my friend's picture placed on the lacy circe 'coz I suppose she wouldn't like it as she is a soooper photo conscious girl)

I have used BIRTHDAY FUN Clear stamp set by Inkadinkado that I recently ordered from Kalalayaa Craft Store :) I tried out something NEW... I have individually stamped and cut out all images I wanted to use for the card..The images have been hightlighted with a black marker followed by some heat embossing.. Just to give it a finished look i have added a little glitter sparkle using light coloured glitter tubes from fevicryl.
(It took me quite some time to stamp...cut out...hightlight..heat emboss and decorate these images...but worth the time I put in 'coz I totally lovee the outcome) and the best-est part is that my friend loved it toooo :D

I have heat embossed the border design which again came along with the stamp set..
I have used dark red embosssing powder from `a la mode embossing powder set...the stars again have been filled in with a light green glitter tube :)

It has been quite a while now since I have wanted to tie a "perfect bow" on a card...I FINALLY DID IT.. followed a tutorial on YOUTUBE and got it right...perfectly right *with a self-pat on my back* lol..
Sweets and Treats - My Partner In Crafting Crime
Try a New Technique - Fussy and Fancy Friday Challenges (stamping,lacey circle,perfect bow)

Thats it from me for now...
Hope u all liked the card.. and thanks a million for dropping by my blog and showing so much love...
Will post the other projects soon... :)
P.S: wish me luck for my exams.. :( I really need some luck to perform well for the way I'am under-prepared this time!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FROCK-O-MANIA beginnnnns!!

HELLO everybody! :) I'm back with another post this week! :)
Its a pretty paper frock that I made and used as an embellishment for my card! :)
(going the keep-it-simple way :P)
A friend in college loved this concept...and ordered for many such cards...thats y the title "FROCK-O-MANIA" lol! yesh...u will find lots of frock-cards this week! :P (just like how I had butterflies pouring down on my cards a week back *wink*)
So here it is.... (just one in dis post...will update yo'l wid more as and when I complete)

just another SHOT!!
(A piece of different coloured card stock attached with a bow..to make it look pretty from the inside aswell :D )
Sentiment- handwritten and heat embossed!! [its an attempt to copy my favourite word font 'curls' and I'am pretty much happy with it :D]

I have used a floral b&w PP...heat embossed a few flowers here and there using all my favourite heat embossing powders that I bought from crafting queen.
Just to add to the look...I have stuck a few gems and stones:) 
Lots of more frocks...COMINNNN UPPPP! :)
Thanks for visiting lovlies! :)
This card is going in for ALL DRESSED UP- city crafter challenge blog

Sunday, August 28, 2011


hie my lovely friends! :)
I havn't crafted since a week.. :( 'coz i have my internals going on and I want to score well (which is possible if only I forget about pinkcrayons!! darn....I sooo badly want a STRONG dose of crafting)
LUCKILY...the wait is allllmost over! YEAH...i'll be done wid my internals TOMOROW.,..yayy!
Since sunday is my blog-post day...I'm posting a card which I had made some time back but had forgotten to post it! (lol..me and my unorganized picture folders :P)

Its a card I made for my mommie's friend's son...lol...
I have used a broken CD piece to create the moon,a star shaped wooden chipboard and some mulberry paper. 
Lots of stars...and BLING to go with the "party" theme! :)

Hope you all liked it... :)
Will share lots of new card projects real soon..mayb sometime DURING the week (I have somehow started to manage time...so guess I'll make time for blogging like evvvveryday ! :D)

Thanks for visiting...! have a great week :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


SUNDAY!!! :) hieee everyone:)
Since i've posted 3 butterfly card projects alrdy I don't want to Give yo'l an overdose! I've decided to post a card I made recently!! This card took me lottts of time to complete!! I finally made it 'coz I was given a deadline.. :P lol!
Its a multifold card...ummm...not really a card...but its more of a memory book sort of a thing with lots of tags..notes and a few pictures! :P ok U can call it what ever pleases you :P:P

Lots of space to write personal msgs...4 pockets with 3 tags and one note! :) 

I've used a wooden heart as the embellishment...the borders are handstiched and the carrugated board beneath the heart embellishemnt has been lined with glitter glue:)

I've used a piece of mulberry sheet to place this hand written anniversary sentiment (heat embossed with white embossing powder)

I haven't added much description in this post..the reason being I have my internals starting tomorow! :(
See you all next sunday..with a brand new card (ummmm..mayb a butterfly again.. :P)
I shall take a leave for now...tada blog frndz... :):)
A stitch In Time- Fab 'n' Funky Challenges
Use a lot- Fussy and Fancy Friday challenges (Pearls,wooden chipboard, buttons, ribbon)
Favourite Embellishment- Jellypark Challenges (buttons)
THANKS  a ton for visiting! <3

1000 sheets give-away!!! :)

yipppie! we all have a chance to win a 1000 sheets of pattrnd paper!! :D don't u want to know HOW?? head over to A Thousand Sheets Of Paper and leave a comment! :D U never know..u may get lucky and walk away with this yummmy give away! its simply a TREAT to every crafter..I'm sure!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Flaunting off with another butterfly! :P

Heyyyyy everybody! :) as promised..i'm BACK wid another butterfly card project <3
Its a "QUICK" thank you card I made for my aunt recently! :D

I've used my mooooooost favourite punch...my pretty butterfly (ek success) :D patterned paper I recently picked up from a local store here in bangalore, a piece of purple ribbon [0.5cm] for the flower stalk...and some faux stitching with a silver marker :)


Hope you liked it! :)
and wait wait wait...... my obsession for "butterflies" doesn't really seem to settle down any soon! I have some more to show you all... I guess I wont right now 'coz I don't want yo'l to get a BUTTERFLY OVERDOSE!! lol... my next post on sunday! :) till den..take care lovelies...

A stitch in time- fab 'n' funky challenges
Papertake weekly challenge (buttons,ribbon, free-bloom)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its RAINING ~butterflies~

Blog friends :) how r you all?? :D I've been having "action packed" weeks! (and thats the reason why I could not post a new project last sunday)
Its still saturday "night" for me..but technically its sunday early morning :P:P I thought its better to share a new post before hitting the bed rather than missing out on it even this sunday!! (which I for sure would have..and all thanks to those pouring in raksha bandhan card orders)

Nowwwww..coming to the post....this week i'll b sharing with yol' my butterfly projects :P:P yes..i just got a new butterfly punch and I sooooo LOVE it <3 I'll share two cards in this post and d next set of 'still-under-constrction' butterfly cards after they r fully constructed.. *giggle*
hope yol like it :D

Butterly made out of strips of black card :)

A close up..just to give you an idea of how i have connected the strips :) all the strips I have used to create this butterfly are individually cut! (yes! it did require a lot of patience :P and the good news is..I had lots-just to create THIS card :P )

This card is going in for the following challenges-
Things with wings - delightful challenges
Happy birthday - A Spoon Full Of Sugar

Now coming over to my second card.....
Check out my new butterfly punch <3 I'm so so so obsessed with it!
In this card..I have just punched out these pretty butterflies directly on the grey card stock and on the inside stuck this black dotted patterend paper which I also use to make envelopes! :)

 just a CLOSE UPPPPP!! :D
I'am entering this card for CLEAN AND SIMPLE challenge by Cute Card Thursday.
thanks a ton for visiting! :)
would love to see all your lovely comments :)
P.S : The other two "under-construction" butterfly cards will be posted sometime during this week :D I promise.. don't miss checking it out! :D
adios :) take care! :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOR Her and Him...

Sundayyyyy... :D
hie everyone :D It has been a gr8 day for me! :) I finally completed a card order...and it came out to be fabulous! <3 so I'm all charged upppp...!!

This week i want to share with u all some cute tags dat I made for my brother's friends!! (he wanted to thank all his friends for making his b'day a very memorable one)
Since i had less time i decided to make little frocks and little shirts.. :P [dat ws an easy peezy job-different PPs and base colours helped creat variety :D]

This one here is my soooper favourite! I soo din't feel like giving it away..not to my brother..not to his friend..not to ANYONE! :( u know why?? (it may sound LAME) 'coz it somehow gives me this very pinky gooody "for-a-princess" feeling!!! I've decide to make one for myself <3 
Will get back with some more projects I've been working on :) (will try not to delay till d next SUNDAY) till then..take care dearest blog pals..Thanks for visiting :)

This tag will be going in for Create a TAG challenge by A spoon full of sugar!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Quilling + colour splash!!

Heyyyyie my dear blog pals! :)I have something to tell u all... since I've been very busy with college work and card orders..haven't been able to give enough time to blogging (*sob*sob*) so I have decided to keep aside SUNDAY as my blogging day! :) and this means I will b sharing with u all..whatever I create during the entire week :) yayyy!!! :D

For now....I want to share a BUTTERFLY CARD...yes...its my first hand at quilling <3 I'am soooo excited to show you all... :) and here it is...tadddaaaaaaaaa

(bad photography) I've uploaded this pic 'coz those colourful strips at d bottom are not to be seen in the previous one! :(


Very eagerly waiting for all your comments on my firrrrst quilling project!! :D
thanks for checking...love u all....
AND AND AND.... see u all on sunday! :)

Clash of colours by Fab 'n' funky challenges
Flutter By Wednesday
Challenge #47 by Make It Monday

Sunday, July 17, 2011

mumma's birthday! :)

heyya everybody! :)
A post from my side after a really really really long gap (10 days...feels like sooper long gap to me :P lol )
I've been making lots of cards....and a special thing too [which i will reveal to yo'l in just a few days :D]
Busy busy busy with College work and card making...since its a SUNDAY today I thought I'll share with u all a spl card,the one I made for my dearest mumma's b'day! :D she totally loved it....

The border is hand stiched..And and and....I've used PEARLS (for the first time) 'coz mumma LOVES pearls :) apart from that I've used some quilling,a piece of mesh(upon which the sentiment has been placed),a leaf skeleton,a red flower (on the top-created using two little paper fans stuck back-to-back)


I  donno what this fold is called...i guess i'll name it zig-zag :P

Hope you all liked it :)
I'm entering this card for-
Fancy Fold challenge - delightful sketches
Favoutite things (Flowers, Pearls, Quilling) - Moving Along With Times
Summer colours - Stamp Insanity
Summer Fun - Polycraft Monday challenge
Challenge #46- Make It Monday
Summer Fun - Crafty Purple Frog Challenge

Thanks for visiting :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer Fun :)

hie my lovely blog frnds :) how r u all doing???
Its pretty late in d night...and i have early college (dats simply pathetic) so without wasting much time will get right to the point.... the card I have made is mainly for a few challenges! so many yummy ones :P just couldn't resist!!
SUMMER FUN as title says.... summer fun for me is getting to eat lots of JUNK and drinking looooads of yummy fruit juices (ok...i must admit..love fizzz too :P)

close up.... check out the CD.. :) i've decorated it with a few stickers i picked up from a local store here in bangalore..the sentiments i've placed are bundle of joy and lets celebrate (sorry 'bout the poor picture quality...using a very old camera for the timebeing as mine is with my brother)

This card is going in for summer fun for monkey by A La Card Monkey!

Monkey Challenge #63 is to create a project that says Summer to you, along with this sketch - any shape layered over four rectangles on the card front. You are free to place the words wherever you think they look best...click HERE to visit the page....
Annnndddd...I made it in time for this challenge! yayyy! :)

This card is also going in for
-Square Cards by Party time tuesdays
-Summer fun by Crafty Purple Frog
-Sentiments Challenge
-Summer fun by simply sunday challenge
Thanks for visiting :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

FIVE & ZERO...a happy half century!!

Hieee bloggers! :D Hope u all are having a happy weekend :)
Here's an update from my side....my latest card- a 50th b'day card for a pretty lady! :)
I wanted to keep it bold n simple..so chose to cut out 5 and 0 from a glitter sheet and placed it on a little piece of my favourite -gunny bag fabric :)
Andddddddd....as usual a ribbon to add to its look :P
(let me tell you...this picture isn't doing justice to my card..*sob* *sob*)

Thanks for visiting :)

This card is going for the Letter G challenge at the creative belli blog (In this card-glitter numbers,green glitter border lining and gloden swirls on the patterned paper)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

a BriGhT sUnnY dAy :)

hie blog buddies! :)
how r yo'l doing??? I've been really busy completing a card order which left me with absolutely no time to blog! :(
look at what I've got to show you ;)
Its a "summer" themed b'day card I got as an order! :D (lol...thankfully the summmer ere in b'lore is over and its getting colder)
I decided to make this card 'coz lately I've been finding too many challenges with this theme and I thought I could step out of my comfort zone and try out something NEW!! (btw I'm wreeeely happy with this one 'coz the one who ordered for it had lottts and lotttts of appriciation in store for me :D )
Taddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..here it is! :)

A Bright sunny day :)
Basically the one for whom this card has been made is a very calm person by nature..and this is what exactly I wanted the card to depict..
ummmm...the sentiment is mising in this picture 'coz I attached it at the last moment and couldn't take a picture :(

I cut out the little cars myself....and those little shapeless black card bits behind the car mean pollution..lol...(actually it is to mention the age the person is of at the moment)

oh ya...and guess what that circular thing upon which the road has been placed is???? a CD.. I found a pile of old CDs' somewhere at home....broke the CD into half and used it on my card! :)
hope you all liked it :)

Challenges I'm entering this card for:
- Here Comes the Summer Sun (MAWTT)
-Summer Challenge (Craft Us Crazy)
-Red White & Blue (Delightful challenges)
-Summer (Creative Inspirations)
-Summer Fun (Scrapbook sisters)
-Celebrate (lili of the valley)
-Technology (cute card thursday)
thanks for visiting :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Link Up Love Party with K Andrew.

hello everyone! :)
K Andrew is up with a lovely link up party :) Its an amazing way to make new blog friends....share ideas..inspire others and get inspired too!!
I soo loved this concept and i'm a part of it now.... Head to her lovely BLOG rightttt away and join the party...get to know new ppl and and add more to ur blogging fun!! :)
You gotto post a favourite project of your's and mention ONE thing you r really greatful for!

My favourite project till date has been this cute card dat I made for a lil' baby boy who turned 1..:D I totally enjoyed making every bit of it.. :D
I'm very greatful to all those crafting bloggers who have taken interest in viewing my blog and leaving their valuable comments...It sure has enouraged me bigtime to create,share new cards and get inspired by all those ppl who share the same passion for cardmaking as I do:)

Monday, June 20, 2011


heyyya crafters!! :) hope u all had a great weekend!!! :) i sure did 'coz i went SHOPPING! :D and better than that...my college re-opened today!! yayyy! im a final year student now! :D
Had an ammmmazing start!! :D all my favourite ppl r wid me in the same class... including my buttercup :P lol...
And now.. look at what i made :D:D tried making something soooo not "my style"!! chose to go in for something BOLD and BEAUTIFUL ;)
A bright yellow background..and a cute little frock on it!! FOR A CHANGE there are no buttons or ribbons on my card! *wink* I've heat embossed the sentiment with my favourite colour pinnnkkkk! :)

Entering this card into:
Make it monday #42 by make it monday :)
Anything Goes - Scrap Creations
Tempting templates by fab 'n' funky challenges.
Thanks for visiting! :)
hugs-pooja! <3