Sunday, July 31, 2011

FOR Her and Him...

Sundayyyyy... :D
hie everyone :D It has been a gr8 day for me! :) I finally completed a card order...and it came out to be fabulous! <3 so I'm all charged upppp...!!

This week i want to share with u all some cute tags dat I made for my brother's friends!! (he wanted to thank all his friends for making his b'day a very memorable one)
Since i had less time i decided to make little frocks and little shirts.. :P [dat ws an easy peezy job-different PPs and base colours helped creat variety :D]

This one here is my soooper favourite! I soo din't feel like giving it away..not to my brother..not to his friend..not to ANYONE! :( u know why?? (it may sound LAME) 'coz it somehow gives me this very pinky gooody "for-a-princess" feeling!!! I've decide to make one for myself <3 
Will get back with some more projects I've been working on :) (will try not to delay till d next SUNDAY) till then..take care dearest blog pals..Thanks for visiting :)

This tag will be going in for Create a TAG challenge by A spoon full of sugar!


  1. These are all FAB them all. Great work! ~Shen

  2. fabulous!the lil frocks and the lil shirts looks so so cute!

  3. These are just perfect... really cool idea...

  4. Wonderful creation, thanks for sharing!
    Hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!