Sunday, July 3, 2011

FIVE & ZERO...a happy half century!!

Hieee bloggers! :D Hope u all are having a happy weekend :)
Here's an update from my latest card- a 50th b'day card for a pretty lady! :)
I wanted to keep it bold n chose to cut out 5 and 0 from a glitter sheet and placed it on a little piece of my favourite -gunny bag fabric :) usual a ribbon to add to its look :P
(let me tell you...this picture isn't doing justice to my card..*sob* *sob*)

Thanks for visiting :)

This card is going for the Letter G challenge at the creative belli blog (In this card-glitter numbers,green glitter border lining and gloden swirls on the patterned paper)


  1. its gorgeous!!! i can totally see all the lovely details here!!

  2. its a really pretty cards. thanks for visiting us. do place ur order soon as PP are running out quickly.

  3. Such a special card you have made. The cut out 50 is the star!

  4. Beautiful card, love the glitter on the cut out 50! :)


  5. gorgeous all tht bling