Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When she turned 19!!

This the first multiple page card I (sharada) ever tried.. I learnt this one from youtube when i was scanning through for some video there.. I made this one for Pooja's 19th birthday!   And she really liked.. I added a couple of pictures and made  2 tags in the card made two compartments in the card and in i used patterned paper in one of it and made a tag there.. wrote something for her and the compartment in the last page of the card next our picture is my most favorite one I've used  2 movie tickets there that is just above those 3 dragon flies there..which we saw together recently! and filled in lots of colorful lollies to make it more interesting! and the last picture  is another tag I made I anded some checkered ribbon stitched a button on that! and this one's my most favorite thing ever!! I hope she is loving it too! I think my first ever experiment on multiple page card turned out surprisingly AWESOME!! :D
Thank You! :)

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